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Tampa, Florida


Why Technology? We cannot serve our clients well without it! Technology is not about gadgets, it is about prompt and timely communications which we utilize in all facets of our operations.

On-line Payables:

This provides an on-line approval process for Boards and Managers. Scanned images of invoices can be reviewed. Approved invoices initiate payment immediately. Invoices may also be placed in a hold status until questions are answered. This is a great tool for cash flow planning. Search features make it easy to research all paid and cancelled invoices regardless of how old they might be. View an illustration.

Mobile Manager:

This is a program that the manager uses in the field that utilizes live information from our property management database. Work orders and previous violations are updated by the manager or field inspector while onsite. The work orders and violations are created while in the field. Upon the conclusion of the inspection, the work orders and violation letters will be ready to review at and disseminate.

On-line Banking Access for the Board:

This is a good tool for a hands-on Treasurer or for a Board that has a need to manage their cash flow. Security doesn’t allow for any adjustments to the account or funds, but all information is available. Deposits and charges to the bank are viewable in real-time in our integrated management software.

Owner Website Features:

Owners are provided with their payment activity and history, a violation history, the ability to track reported work orders, and ACC submissions. Owners can also reply to violation letters, pay by echeck or charge and there is also a link to report damaged street lights. View an illustrated summary.

Director Website Features:

Your private Board portal includes a dashboard, project, and work order tracking. Ask for a link to our demonstration website!

Backup and Business Continuity:

Do you ever worry about what a hurricane might do to your Association? In addition, to our having three national remediation companies on standby for our client’s physical properties, we operate in a paperless environment and utilize an interactive online accounting and Property Management platform. Regardless of what happens to your Association, we will keep it together and be able to update residents and the board regularly and provide complete online access to all 24/7.

Online Record Retention:

Keep your records in a safe, protected, and easily accessible paperless environment –paper storage is available.

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