Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida

Portfolio Management

Your assigned Manager provides services to more than one association client. Your monthly management fee is a function of time. The number of property inspections and after-hour meeting attendance as well as community oversight will determine your management fee.

Board volunteers have access to our management software for ACC/ARC, covenant enforcement, work orders, financials/collections, etc.

Why Choose Us

  • Managers have balanced portfolio
  • Monthly written inspection, Work order, & Violation Reports
  • Accountability – we supervise so you do not have to
  • Longevity of staff
  • Departmentalized systems
  • Strong administrative support for managers


We offer comprehensive accounting services including:
  • Departmentalized, in-house staff
  • Customized reporting options
  • Budget preparation
  • Financial by 10th business day

Online Management Tools

Our interactive online tools give you unlimited access to your community. In this new age of technology, we strive to make your digital experience as quick and seamless as possible by providing:
  • A/P approval and payment
  • Bank activity, financial reports, detailed collections info
  • Any violations and ARC requests made by owners and occupants
  • Ability to issue or review work order reports and notes
  • A web portal for owners where they can report and receive updates on R & M, pay their bills, review payments history, and report street light outages.

Assessment and Collections

Like our bank reconciliations, you can view assessment and collections information no matter the day or time including:
  • Charge card, eCheck, coupon, ACH
  • Customized automated processing
  • Tracking collections and assisting counsel

Paying Expenses with Paperless Billing

Going paperless will save you frustration, time researching and processing payments especially if you are a number’s guy.
  • Payables lockbox captures invoice image
  • Online portal for Board review and approval
  • Checks issued upon expense approval
  • Online activity retained for perpetuity

Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements

Maintenance is part of life. Vanguard works with preferred service providers, either yours or ours to receive the best service at the best price. Managers:
  • Create maintenance calendar and monitor routine services for compliance
  • Assist with development of specifications
  • Manage bidding and oversee projects
  • Supervision of projects and inspections

Covenant Enforcement

Violations happen and it’s important someone knowledgeable and experienced is on hand to take charge of the situation.
  • Guidance with initial policy/statutes
  • Inspections, write and issue letters
  • Handle all owner responses (phone, mail, email, online)

Customer Service

Communication is crucial to an efficient business. Vanguard Management’s customer service department allows you to:
  • Get answers from “live” customer care representatives
  • Experience extended customer service hours
  • Pay by ACH, charge card, eCheck, coupon
  • Access forms or apps by download, fax, or online completion
  • Track critical dates such as insurance expiration’s, etc.


Vanguard Management Group provides written inspections that are tailored to your community and include:
  • Common areas and amenities
  • Maintenance contract supervision
  • Grounds and service reports

Online Architectural Review & Processing

  • Application and all documents available online
  • Date sensitivity protocols
  • Auto-approval option
  • Share notes, comments with committee/Board
  • Manager assistance as needed

Experience the Vanguard Advantage
in Your Community

Experience the Vanguard Advantage in Your Community

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