Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida

Personalized Onsite Management

Changing your onsite manager?

Hiring the “right” manager the first time! Vanguard is your best solution.

Our selection process ensures that your future manager has the people skills, management, and technological capabilities.

Only qualified and experienced professionals are presented to the Board. The Board has the final say.

Our ongoing supervision and training ensure that your Board and Manager get the individualized support they need to ensure a successful transition.

Our Process

Meet our Transition Team

We need to know what makes your community special. Ultimately, the managers we recommend will have the experience that matches the needs of your association.

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Each Board has wants, needs, and expectations. We need to understand yours.

Preliminary Interviews and Testing

Vanguard at any given time has a database of interested, qualified, and experienced candidates. Those whom we believe to be your best fit will then undergo rigorous testing as follows:
  • Deductive Reasoning Ability
  • Management Potential
  • Achievement
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence and Optimism
  • Thoroughness
  • Sense of Duty
  • Innovation
  • Influence
  • Independence
  • Professional Potential
  • Word Processing
  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Multi-tasking

Credit and Criminal Background Screening

Eligible candidates undergo credit and background screening.

Board Interviews and Selection

Candidates that meet salary, testing, and screening criteria are then presented to the Board. The Board receives test results, resumes, and letters of recommendation from former employers. The Board will meet the eligible manager(s) and ultimately decide the best fit for their community.

Onboarding – Vanguard provides an operational audit.

  • Unlike a financial audit, all systems and operations performed by the association are scrutinized.
  • Recommendations where appropriate will enhance efficiency and the quality of services. However, any changes to existing processes and procedures come with the approval of the board.
  • The Manager, Staff, and Board approved volunteers are provided with initial and ongoing training on Vanguard software including the community website.
  • Vanguard, not the Board, is responsible for ongoing supervision of the manager and staff.

Experience the Vanguard Advantage
in Your Community

Experience the Vanguard Advantage in Your Community

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