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HOA Vendor Contract: Checking the Fine Print

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An HOA vendor contract plays a crucial role in safeguarding an association from potential liability and damages. Not all HOA boards know the first thing about these contracts and what should go into them.


What Is an HOA Vendor Contract?

A homeowners association is responsible for maintaining and enhancing property values. To do that, an HOA must hire vendors to complete different types of work, from maintenance and repairs to cleaning and landscaping. Hiring vendors, though, shouldn’t be based on purely verbal agreements. It’s important to have a written one, too.

An HOA vendor contract is exactly that – a legally binding, written agreement between an HOA and a vendor. It outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership and the services that come with it. It details a number of things, including the scope of work, payment terms, and other pertinent details.

Having a homeowners association vendor contract in place accomplishes several things. It sets clear expectations for both parties, establishes protocols for dispute resolution, defines the penalties for breaches, and addresses potential contingencies that may arise over the course of the agreement.


What Should an HOA Vendor Contract Include?

Contracts contain crucial information that sets the tone for the entire partnership. At the very least, HOA vendor contracts should include the details below.


1. Name of Parties and Date

The contract should clearly identify the parties involved by name. In this case, those parties are the HOA and the vendor. The contract should also specify the date of effectivity.


2. Scope of Work

The contract must define the services that the vendor will provide. The scope of work should be detailed and comprehensive, including any specific tasks, deliverables, and milestones. This will eliminate any confusion or gray areas that could cause conflict.


3. Time Schedule

It’s important to establish a timeline for completing work, outlining deadlines and milestones as applicable. Vendors will often try to lock you in for multiple years, which may work in your favor in terms of care and cost. However, if it’s a new partnership, it’s best to start with a shorter term so that you can terminate the contract if the performance is unsatisfactory.


4. Price Sheet and Service Price

The contract should clearly state the pricing structure for the services rendered, including any additional fees or charges that may apply. It should also reflect the price sheet for any materials involved in the project. Price is a major factor for most HOAs, so this is where the bulk of your HOA vendor contract negotiation will come into play.


5. Payment Terms

The contract should specify the payment terms, including the frequency of payments, methods of payment, and any penalties for late payments.


6. Exhibits

Attach any relevant documents or exhibits that supplement the main contract, such as specifications, drawings, and schedules.


7. Warranty

The contract should outline any warranties or guarantees that the vendor will provide. These warranties typically concern the quality of the vendor's work or materials.


8. Insurance

It’s paramount that you require the vendor to maintain appropriate insurance coverage. The contract should reflect any additional insurance on the vendor’s policies. Review the contract for any insurance exclusions that would create problems for your HOA. Furthermore, it’s best to ask the vendor for the Certificates of Insurance.


9. Code of Compliance

Your HOA vendor contract must also reflect the vendor’s commitment to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards throughout the contract’s duration. This will help protect your association from liability.


10. Building Permits

The contract should outline any necessary building permits and specify whether the vendor is responsible for obtaining them.


11. Indemnification

The vendor contract must clarify each party's liability and responsibility for any damages, losses, or claims arising from the performance of the contract.


12. Amendments

It’s normal for your partnership and needs to evolve, requiring changes to the original contract. As such, your contract should establish procedures for making amendments or modifications. This includes requirements for obtaining written consent from both parties.


13. Termination Clause

The HOA vendor contract should define the circumstances under which either party may terminate the contract. It should detail notice periods and any applicable termination fees.


14. Signatures

Finally, the contract should display the signatures of both parties or their representatives.


Other Tips When Negotiating an HOA Vendor Contract

Here are some additional tips when crafting and negotiating your vendor contract:

  • Verify Licenses and Insurance. Ensure the vendor has all necessary licenses and insurance coverage to perform the work safely and legally.
  • Beware of Hidden Fees. Review the contract for hidden fees or charges that may not be explicitly indicated.
  • Watch Out for Autorenewal. Some contracts come with an autorenewal clause, stipulating that the partnership will automatically continue for another X number of years if you don’t cancel the contract by a particular date.
  • Think Twice About Longer Terms. Longer contract terms offer stability. However, it may come with certain implications. It also locks you in for longer, making it harder for your HOA to terminate the contract without penalty if the vendor’s results dip in quality. Ultimately, the contract’s terms shouldn’t be unfavorable to your HOA.
  • Obtain an Executed Copy. Always request a fully executed copy of the contract.
  • Get Legal Advice. Have a lawyer review your HOA vendor contract before signing it.


Protection for Everyone

An HOA vendor contract is vital for maintaining efficiency and protecting the association’s assets. With proper negotiation and guidance, your HOA board can preserve the association’s interests and deliver services as promised.

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