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HOA Management in Lakeland

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Lakeland is the largest city located in Polk County. It has a population of 121,380 citizens and is located conveniently along I-4 between Orlando and Tampa. The city spans over 75.16 square miles and has many lakes. These serve as recreational areas for the city’s residents. Notable points of interest include Hollis Garden, Polk Museum of Art, and Bonnet Springs Park. 

Lakeland is enjoyable for both locals and tourists. Its downtown area is the city’s “Living Room” and embodies the community’s spirit. The downtown area has several eateries, breweries, pubs, and even fine-dining restaurants. Moreover, it has quaint shops, gorgeous brick buildings, and a historic Munn Park town square. 

Finally, the city has several educational institutions, including Florida Polytechnic University, Southeastern University, and Florida Southern College. It also has many cultural sites and events like the Polk Museum of Art. 


Lakeland HOA Management Services

Florida is home to 9.65 million residents and over 3.71 million homes. Half of those homes are located in HOA-managed communities. The citizens who live in Florida’s 48,940 HOAs enjoy numerous perks.

These include access to swimming pools, parks, co-working spaces, and clubhouses. Many communities also provide convenient services like snow removal and trash disposal. 

That said, running an HOA is a challenging task. Most homeowners associations rely on their board of directors to carry the load and coordinate with vendors. However, as the board often doesn’t have the necessary skills or expertise to run a community, self-managed communities have a difficult time operating smoothly. 

As a result, many HOAs turn to professionals like Vanguard Community Management. Our company offers the following HOA management services in Lakeland:

  • On-site HOA Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Self-Assisted Management
  • Developer Management
  • Condo Management


Condo Management Services in Lakeland

Homeowners associations and condominium associations are similar in many ways. However, condominiums have various complexities that HOAs do not have to deal with. As such, they need companies with experience and specific skill sets required for condominium management.

Vanguard Community Management is just the right company for the job. Our team of highly skilled professionals has always managed condominiums with care. They have the right knowledge and experience to do so. 

We provide several services for condominium management, including financial services, on-site administration, and help for self-managed boards. Moreover, we can even help unit owners with their issues and guide developers. Vanguard also has a wealth of knowledge involving local laws and condominium maintenance.

An Unbeatable HOA Management Company in Lakeland

Vanguard Management Group has 30 years of experience. Our team approaches community management collaboratively, fostering transparency and confidence with our clients. Does your community require HOA management services? Look no further than Vanguard Management Group. We provide premier services for HOA management in Lakeland, FL. Call us now at 813-930-8036 or contact us online to learn more!

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