Tampa, Florida
Tampa, Florida

Online Payables Processing and Record Retention

A Vanguard Advantage…Online Payables Processing and Record Retention

Step 1: Receive Invoices, Images, Code, and Post Online

  • Paper invoices sent to P.O. Box
  • Vendors can also email or fax them
  • We scan the paper and put online
  • We also enter basic invoice information: business unit, vendor, invoice #, amount and dates

Step 2: Provide Flexible Online Invoice Approval

  • New invoices posted to hosted online system for users to view and approve
  • Email notifications are sent to users
  • Customizable workflows can exist per business unit
  • Can limit access rights per user

Step 3: Send Payments Out Daily by Check or ACH

  • After approvals, invoice set to pay
  • We send payments by paper check or through electronic ACH
  • Invoice and payment transactions get posted to customer accounting application through interface

It’s time for a Business Class Bill-Pay solution

Business banking customers have different need from individual consumers. Most online banking bill-pay services do not address the complex needs of business banking customers: paper invoice receipt is not handled, a multi-user invoice approval process is not acommodated, and the payment options are limited. Take a look below at ome of the similarities and differences between the two.
CHART COMING SOON - Once the content is finalized, the chart will be designed

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