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What is the Vanguard Advantage? 

The Vanguard Management Group now has well over 100 associations and nine condo-HOA managers, a staff of 26 who manage communities from our offices in Lakeland, Largo, Brandon, and Tampa. We are the premier HOA Management Companies with respect to major construction projects, catastrophes, remediation, and renovations. In the last ten years, for eleven communities, Vanguard Management Group provided guidance and administration from the filing of the claim until the finalization of remediation.

The Vanguard Advantage is what sets up apart from the competition. With Vanguard Management Group, you receive:

Board Member Education
Vanguard Management Group conducts board orientations which lessen the learning curve for the new Board. The orientations are packed with industry information and community facts to bring everyone up to speed. This ensures everyone is on the same page and strengthens the communication between all the board members.

No More Pre-Legal Collection Costs
Vanguard Management Group passes the administrative costs of collection on to those who do not pay their fees on time. This means you never have to worry about paying out of pocket for envelopes, postage, statements, and other administrative costs relating to collections.

Detailed Inspection Reports
We know you have questions and it's our job to make sure they are answered before they're asked. Our reports strive to anticipate your needs by tailoring each report to your community giving you assessments and solutions to any issues. If a solution requires community dollars, we make recommendations to the Board and await your approval.

Redefining Personal Communications
Our state of the art, interactive website redefines the term 'personal communications' and marks a new level of service for many of our clients. Don't have internet? Our customer service representatives are there to take your calls. Phone calls are returned at least once, often twice, a day. If we are unable to immediately answer any questions you may have, we'll respond within one business day by email.

Leaders on the Frontline
You won't only get a specialized Vanguard team working with you. Each project is overseen hands on by the four leaders of Vanguard Management Group:

  • Bob Moyer, Founder and President
  • Janet Moyer, COO
  • Renee Stepan, Controller
  • Bert Winfield, Vice President of Customer Service

They will attend meetings, orientations, inspections, and the detailed discussions which will ultimately result in a smooth transition with mutually agreed upon management objectives of your community. The level of attention you can expect for your Association will go beyond the day of the sales pitch.

No Management Overload
Other Management groups often only have one manager handling numerous tasks and are therefore not always able to provide a premium level of service. At Vanguard Management Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to work as a team. Our managers are never overloaded. Their primary purpose is to work directly with the Board. Property inspectors handle the violation inspections and letters. Accounts Receivable ensures your policies are followed monthly. Our insurance administrator will bid your insurance out each year. When you engage our services, you get more than a manager. You get a team ready to provide the level of service you deserve.

A Strong Support System
We believe in departmentalization which means your members will have multiple contacts when they phone our offices for assistance. We have a strong support staff to ensure your policies are followed month after month. Many of our competitors can't say the same. 


It's time to choose an association management solutions company you can trust.
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