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This is what our clients are saying...


Full Service... I mean it when I say how very grateful I am on behalf of the entire homeowners association. For you to forgive these extensive extra costs is a HUGE help to our fledgling association. Once again, you have shown that choosing Vanguard as our management group was the pivotal event in our road to recovery. Your kindness and generosity are most greatly appreciated!

Technology...Also wanted to tell you personally-- again -- how much I appreciate the service we get from Vanguard. The new CINC website is a great addition to the services you offer.
Vanguard Advantage... but the best is the two people (well three including Pamela who is always so helpful) whom I deal with most: Terry and Renee...

Transition, Financial Management... Our reserves were depleted $140,000 when we hired you (Vanguard) two and a half years ago. You have helped us add $65,000 without raising our fees... MA

Vanguard Advantage... Terry is quick to respond to problems and questions, goes above and beyond his duty many times, is judicious in his comments to vendors, owners, and board members. However, the quality I appreciate most of all is that he is never shy about saying "I'm not sure, but I'll find out" and does!

Vanguard Advantage... Your comptroller, Renee, is a gem in your organization. Given her responsibilities, it never ceases to amaze me that she always seems to have time for what are sometimes my quite inane questions. (Or other owners' inane and repetitive questions.) She is also very quick to respond to emails I send her. I'm not sure how she does it, but I never feel like an idiot with her even though often when I get her answer I find myself saying (to myself) "well, duh!!"...

Full Service...I am sending you this e-mail for you to share with the board.I have to compliment you for your ability and willingness to address matters that have occurred with our property at 5822 Heron Park Place. Each and every time we have spoken you have given each issue your attention and have followed thru with a friendly attitude I might add. In a world where people seem to complain a lot it should not go unsaid when someone truly stands out and does a good job. Keep up the good work Darrell.

Vanguard Advantage... BECKY is an angel....very professional, knowledgeable, and precise. I love her, don't ever let this one get away.
Technology... I have no problem talking to your future client regarding the Cinc computer system. What I can do and see as a board member is incredible.... Thank you for all your much less stress and worry.
Self/Assisted Management... My sincere thanks for your belief in me and The Retreat those 2 short years ago. Without your help and guidance from your Vanguard management team, we would have been devastated. Now that I have worked with your incredible web based program, I am confident your assisted management plan will work well for us. Who would believe that I can do everything that a manager can and have all of this information at the touch of a keyboard? 
Financial Management... You say no thanks are necessary, but I assure you - they most definitely are!! Without your personal interest and support, our community would have continued it's death spiral and made it into a place more aptly named "The Money Pit". Vanguard's guidance and professionalism has helped us to stop the bleeding and actually be able to make some very significant lifestyle improvements. In just under nine months, we've been able to stabilize our balance sheet, enter into an agreement that will help us recoup some of our past dues, and purchase patio furniture for the enjoyment of our residents. Though our wish list of 'wants' is still there, it does not include keeping the water and lights on! Truly, I spoke the words of praise and recommendation because you, Terry, Brenda, and your entire excellent staff have EARNED IT!!
Transition... You kept your word. The transition to your company was amazing. I have no idea how your staff could handle so many details without a wrinkle. Before our first assessment was due, you had our accounting in place, records stored online, ordered coupons, and provided a great introductory letter to the owners. I really like the part that explained the website and our community policies about violation and collection enforcement.