The Technology You Want With The Service You Need!

Summary of Benefits

  • In-house expert not needed
  • Requires less personnel and supervision
  • Takes the accounting and related liability out of your hands
  • Creates independence between you and the association
  • Fosters greater trust and membership peace of mind. 
  • 12 LCAMs
  • Larger Developer-Builder Clients
    • US Home
    • Lennar
    • Hanna-Bartoletta
    • Woodshed Developers
  • Technology
  • Member of CEOMC and elected president in 2012.


The Vanguard Advantage

As a builder, the majority of your revenue comes from developing, building, and/or selling homes. The Vanguard Advantage allows you to outsource the many services required by Florida Statute, the owners,and the association docs to one management company, thereby freeing up your time to do what you do best. Build; Develop; and Sell homes!

With the Vanguard Advantage, your project will benefit as follows…

  • Save your resources – The savings in utilizing our services compared to the costs of staff, office space, and other resources will make you say WOW.

  • Minimize your headaches - Let new owners bring their concerns to us, not to your sales department. 

  • Market your professionalism – Set yourself apart from others.

  • Provide peace of mind – Placing the accounting, financial, and critical administrative functions in our hands will provide peace of mind for you and the owners. This creates trust and will further enhance your reputation of objectivity and professionalism.

  • Limit your liability – Financial audits are a statutory requirement for condos and HOAs when you turn the association control over to the owners. It will be our accounting department that will handle this when an audit is required at turn over.

  • See what the owners see – As your partner, our mutual goal is to keep the community curb appeal at its best. Our frequent inspection reports will show you what we see and how we will take care of it. 

  • Develop a perception of fairness – While you develop your community, our consistent application of rules and regulations ensures fairness to all owners

  • Set your community apart – Technology is as much an amenity as your entryway or clubhouse and to more and more owners it is equally important. Our state of the art software and processes are unique to Florida. Residents can have on-site access to their payment records, work orders, and compliance requests in addition to the on-line social facilities such as chat rooms, calendars, and community event notification. For more information and an online demo, click here.

If you are planning ahead, give us a call. As a courtesy, we will also review any plans that you have on the drawing board. A master community can take years to build out. Our experience with built out communities often gives us a unique perspective. We offer a courtesey review of future communities. A few changes on the table will save significant dollars, many hours of headache, and eliminate problems that will not go away once developed.


Give us a call before you cut the Ribbon on your new property

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