An Assisted Management Platform to Boost Your Career Satisfaction…and Earnings!

Warning! What you are about to read may change your life forever!

In these tough times, you can forget that raise! Only those of us able to bring enhanced or value-added service may have an opportunity to experience a slight boost to our paychecks. But even then, “Value-Added” equates to “time added,” and who among us has more time to give? And if you do, do you have a value-added contribution to offer? No? Unfortunately, in tough economic times, ones earnings just might correlate to their job satisfaction.

Now there is a new “player” in Everytown U.S.A., one that you, a qualified experienced on-site manager or portfolio manager can partner with.


Portfolio Managers…

U-Manage will provide you all of the tools and support you need to completely and efficiently handle the all aspects of the operation of multiple condominium, coop, mobile home, and homeowner associations. See our Frequently Asked Questions.


On-site Managers…

  • With a management company – U-Manage will provide you and your association client with services, features, tools and support.
  • Without a management company – Founded in 1988, parent company Vanguard Management Group, Inc. is a veteran in this industry.
    • With our assisted management solution, you will find that U-Manage will meet the needs of the most discerning Board.
    • This is your opportunity to significantly “add value”, cut costs and improve service.
    • Your Board and Members will love you. See our Frequently Asked Questions.

How it Works…Who Does What.


U-Manage is your accounting staff and department:

  • Our fully integrated system will provide you and your Board real-time financial information.
  • U-Manage brings strong administrative and accounting support to handle all aspects of
    • Processing payables
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Reserve transfers and posting
    • Coupon-lock box, credit card processing
    • Issuing monthly financial statements online, by mail or email.
    • Late notices, demand letters, liens are automated and escalated based upon your community’s policy.


Violations and Property Inspection

  • You do the field work and utilize our online integrated management platform.
  • Smart Technology allows for in field processing so letters are ready to review and send upon return to your office.
  • Violations are active until closed.
  • Boards may review violation reporting online, pictures are posted online, and owners may log in and respond online.


Online Payables

  • Utilizes a lockbox process like coupons.
  • View scanned invoices online.
  • You control approval, coding and the release of funds.
  • Safeguards prevent duplicate billings.
  • No limit to online record retention.
  • Extensive search and filter features find documents quickly.


CCR-Architectural Approval Process

  • Online option for owners to upload apps, samples, surveys.
  • Alerts sent to ACC Committee by email.
  • Online dashboard provides information and tracks ACC discussions and notes.
  • Details remain with home in perpetuity.


Work Orders

  • Our solution integrates vendors, owners, amenities to make your work quick and efficient.
  • Detailed reporting is a great tool to track your progress on a long term project.
  • Share these reports with the Board and watch the phone calls and micromanagement stop.
  • We guarantee that our solution will keep your Board well abreast of their community’s day-to-day maintenance and ongoing projects.


Association Website

  • Manager and Board has privileged access
  • Owners can report and track maintenance, their ACC request, repond or report violations, pay or review their account and more.



  • Recorded telephone alerts are blasted to owners within minutes or emails
  • “Don’t forget our annual meeting tonight”
  • “Hurricane Alert – the gates will remain open”
  • People do answer their phones, listen to their messages, and read their texts.


Why U-Manage?

  • Offers portfolio and on-site managers an opportunity for independence, greater earnings and career satisfaction.
  • Handles the toughest parts of running a community, accounting, collections and critical administration.
  • Provides guidance and on-going support from transition to whenever you need us.
  • Frees your time by handling staffing, training, personnel benefits and payroll.
  • Will make your life easier with the latest technology, tools and features.
  • Requires a minimal investment – all you need is a computer with high-speed internet access.
  • Provides on-line access to our system 24/7.
  • Virtual offices are optionally available for voice mail, email and internet access.
  • Professional training, ample tutorials and excellent instructional material and four hour customer support.

Still Not Convinced? Check out these frequently asked questions or check out this illustration to clarify exactly who does what.