U-Manage is a privately owned company belonging to the Vanguard Management Group, Inc. Vanguard has been in continuous operation since 1988. Vanguard is a full service management company for homeowner associations and condominiums. We are geographically located in Tampa Fl. Changes in technology have brought Vanguard to the forefront. Our motto is ``Offering Tomorrow's Technology Today``. Our assisted management business model which we offer through U-Manage, allows us to provide cutting edge on-line management solutions to anyone with high speed internet access.

It is not practical or profitable for us to attempt to provide full service management to associations wherever there is high speed internet access. Additionally, we will provide you with a non-compete agreement if desired.
You will access your community information, send violation letters and pay bills through a web portal from anywhere that you have internet access. You are bringing an on-line management solution to your Board(s) with a technology that only very few of the national or larger regional companies can match.
No, we can be completely transparent if you like. No one will have any idea that you are outsourcing or partnering with U-Manage in any way.
Yes, we will assist you in establishing credibility and in the entire conversion process. You will be able to introduce the Vanguard Management Group as your business partner. Our reputation and 23 years of experience tends to bring peace of mind to the most cautious of Boards. We will reach out personally to your Board if desired to assist you and your Board to establish our mutual goal of a long term relationship.
Your community will be able to retain existing CD's. We will assist you in opening an operating (checking) account and money market (reserve) accounts in the name of the Association. (Yes, these accounts belong to the association). The operating account is necessary for lock box (coupon) processing. The money market account is necessary for fixed periodic reserve transfers.
No, there are no monthly bank service charges. There are no monthly lock box processing fees. Coupons must be purchased and direct debit is an option. Furthermore, our banking partners are national institutions that are able to offer a higher standard of safety and FDIC insurance. Owners desiring to pay by e-check or credit card, are billed individually for this service.
We will review your situation, but we can only process coupons and direct debit with our banking partners. Their software is bundled into our system to provide real-time information.
Please remember that any bank account that we/you open is in the name and belongs to the association. U-Manage will never be a signor on any bank account. The beauty of this system is that it offers so much more security than conventional management. Any Board Member is able to go online to view their bank account activity in real time. Banks can mail statements directly to the Board. The online payable's portal gives you the manager and the Board complete control over the disbursement of all funds.
If you have a good accounting and financial background, well rounded expertise, a lot of money or a sizable line of credit then you do not need U-Manage. If you have done your homework, you already know that it is difficult to set up a ``professional`` operation with anything less than $75,000. You will likely have to hire at least one person, so now you have payroll. Will that one person provide accounting and administrative services such as mailings? Decent industry specific software can easily run $30-80,000. The list goes on. With U-Manage your start up costs are truly minimal. Plus you have access to a very pricey integrated management solution that will continue to meet your needs as you grow. You will never pay for employees that you do not need, software upgrades, software maintenance or a server to host your platform. We offer all of the administrative and financial support you could ask for. With U-Manage, your monthly costs are fixed and known.
What is the objective of your company. Is it one association or many? In any event, to grow any business in these competitive times, one's focus should be on their management style, providing excellent client service, and bringing in new accounts. If you think you can do all aspects of running a company, in a sense you are gambling. You must advance considerable start up funds as indicated above. You are gambling that your growth will at least match your expenses. You are betting your livelihood and a considerable investment. With U-Manage, you pay as you go. Our system is priced so that if someone is thinking about doing a start-up without us, they really will have to think long and hard.
We can handle all of your mailing needs. We typically mail out coupons, statements, and delinquency letters. However, most clients have their violation letters and everyday correspondence print out to their local printer. For mass mailings such as budgets, annual notices and the like, we will at your discretion, process and mail these. The cost depends upon the number of inserts and amount of postage. The fees are reasonable and in keeping with national industry standards all of which you will bill out or pass along to the association.
Once you determine the chart of account that you want, you will code any miscellaneous deposits. You will also code all invoices. Owner assessments are processed through our lock box. You are able to reclassify incorrectly coded expenses and we will handle other adjustments that you believe to be necessary.
We do not prepare tax returns. However, we can assist as follows. It is your responsibility to know if your state statutes. In addition your association documents may also require a review or audit. We have leveraged our large client base to bring you exceptionally good fees from a number of Certified Public Accountants, but again, you choose.
The records generated by our management solution are kept online and backed up frequently.
Prior year information will always be available by DVD. You may also print out what you like. You can optionally provide the owner with a DVD containing up to date information for the year. Our online payable portal can generate reports with scanned images of all invoices. Our online solution makes record review so easy compared to the method still used by most in this industry.
We do not retain any paper. It is destroyed after input is verified. We function in a paperless environment. You too may scan whatever documents and letters you like. You may attach or link these documents to the respective owners and vendors as well as archive them in our online storage.
First we give you an online tour of our system. It is critical that you understand each of our responsibilities. Next we review and incorporate your client's policies on check signing, collections, violations, and architectural requests into your customized management solution. You see, our systems run on autopilot once we know your policies. We handle all aspects of your community's setup from banking through violations, automating and customizing as we go. We will offer guidance and time tested processes. You will be able to choose from letter templates or use your own. Our management system is totally customizable. Then we schedule online training for you and possibly your staff and/or Board. Furthermore, we provide you access to numerous ``how to`` videos and our detailed user friendly manuals. We never leave you alone, but on your end the features of our management system are totally intuitive and user friendly.
Yes, we input all owner information. We can also provide you with some general informational and welcome letters to bring the owners up to speed. There is no extra fee for inputting. It is part of what you receive for your set up fee.
The fee varies based upon the amount of time that it will take to set up your association. Owners must be input, all of their specifics including their account balances. We must understand all aspects of your community's operations so that we can tailor our system to your clients needs. This includes your ARC, violation, and collection policies. Bank information is required to produce MICR encoded checks. Your lock box and vendors are an additional part of the process. Finally, we provide online training, videos, and manuals. To our knowledge, this fee is always paid or passed on to the association(s).
Yes you may be able to. However, none of your software will be integrated. With U-Manage there is just one data base and all of the components work as one. Of course, you could track repairs in QuickBooks, but the program is complicated. You would still need some other software to issue violations and architectural requests?
The system is very easy to follow. Your volunteers are provided with a very detailed manual with many screen shots making it an easy read. Furthermore, training is provided on line and regularly. Custom training is also available.
Our contract term depends upon the complexity of your client and a number of factors. We will discuss any special situation with you. Your contract can be canceled at the end of any term or before for cause. Termination of the manager by the association is also an acceptable cause for cancellation.
There are no user fees. Online access is available to all parties as needed. For privacy and protection, there are security tiers that would permit you to restrict, for example, say, what the maintenance supervisor might have access to. Perhaps there may be a reason to restrict a committee from reviewing financial or personal owner information.
This seems too good to be true?