Sinkhole Claim? What to Expect from Your Insurance Company

You filed a sinkhole claim.

Now what is the process? What should you expect from your insurance company? What should you say or not say so that your claim has the best chance of getting approved?

Usually, within a few days, you will get a call from your adjuster. They will schedule a home inspection and a time to talk to you. The inspection should take about an hour.

Get ready for your adjuster inspection.

  •  Clean up your home. Pictures will probably be taken, and just on case you end up in court you want to look responsible.
  •  Think through what you will say. Don’t get too chatty. The adjuster is working for the insurance company, not you. It is thier job to prevent the insurance company from paying out unnecessarily. Answer the question with facts that you know, and say as little as possible.
  •  Don’t guess. If you don’t know the answer, just say so. If you don’t remember, say you don’t. There is nothing wrong with not remembering.
  •  Timeframes are important. If you noticed the cracks in your wall 3 weeks ago, say so. If you tell the adjuster that you have no idea how long they have been there, and that they have been there since you bought the house, they could deny your claim based on the possibility of pre-existing damage.

Geological testing is the next step.

Your insurance company is obligated by law to have a testing company confirm or deny that sinkhole activity is causing damage to your home. You will probably get a notification from your adjuster that a testing company has been assigned and a call from the testing company to schedule a time for their visit. The testing will include a detailed inspection of your home, followed by different types of Geophysical tests such as radar and drilling.

The Report.

A few weeks after the testing, your insurance company will forward you a thick report. These are usually standard reports slightly modified for your situation.

The Decision.

Not long after the report, you will be notified of the insurance company’s decision. This should take a relatively short period of time. If it has been weeks or months since you have received the report, you may want to contact an attorney.