MANAGEMENT SERVICES-Self-Managed and Assisted Management

Works well for associations with active volunteers. Since no manager is assigned, the association can save considerable sums for management of the property. Vanguard provides accounting, collections, meeting notices, bidding insurance, State/Federal filing, online payables, paperless record retention, and a robust website.


Board volunteers have access to our management software for ACC/ARC, covenant enforcement, work orders, financials/collections, etc. Managerial assistance and meeting attendance are available for an additional fee. For additional information, check out this link.


  • Departmentalized, in-house staff
  • Daily bank reconciliations you are able to view 24/7.
  • Customized reporting options
  • Budget preparation
  • HOA accounting
  • Financial by 10th business day

Assessment and Collections

  • Charge card, eCheck, coupon, ACH
  • Customized automated processing
  • Tracking collections and assisting counsel

Paying Expenses

  • Payables lockbox captures invoice image
  • Online portal for Board review and approval
  • Checks issued upon expense approval
  • Online activity retained for perpetuity

Customer Service

  • Get answers from “live” customer care representatives
  • Extended customer service hours
  • Pay by ACH, charge card, eCheck, coupon
  • Forms-apps by download, fax, or online completion
  • Track critical dates such as insurance expirations
  • Self-Managed Homeowner Associations
  • Self-Managed Condominiums

Online Unlimited Access Tools

  • A/P approval and payment
  • Bank activity, financial reports, detailed collections info
  • Owners and occupants with violations and ARC requests
  • Issue or review work order reports and notes
  • Web portal for owners with the ability to report and receive updates on R&M, review payments history, and make electronic payments

A La Carte Services.

  • Inspections
  • Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements
  • Covenant Enforcement (Violations)
  • Implement Fining Committee
  • Online Architectural Review and Processing