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MANAGEMENT SERVICES-Self-Managed and Assisted Management

If you don’t need our full service package, you can still take advantage of the Vanguard Management basics. We guarantee a seamless transition. We review your current operations and offer efficiencies as needed, provide training for the Board and volunteers, offer a support staff/manager who is available as needed, and send out introduction letters to the owners tailored to your association. For complete details, click here.

The Basics

  • Departmentalized, in-house staff
  • Daily bank reconciliations you are able to view 24/7.
  • Customized reporting options
  • Budget preparation
  • HOA accounting
  • Financial by 10th business day
Assessment and Collections
  • Charge card, eCheck, coupon, ACH
  • Customized automated processing
  • Tracking collections and assisting counsel
  • In-house collection services and handling small claims court
Paying Expenses
  • Payables lockbox captures invoice image
  • Online portal for Board review and approval
  • Checks issued upon expense approval
  • Online activity retained for perpetuity
Customer Service
  • Get answers from “live” customer care representatives
  • Extended customer service hours
  • Pay by ACH, charge card, eCheck, coupon
  • Forms-apps by download, fax, or online completion
  • Track critical dates such as insurance expirations
  • Self-Managed Homeowner Associations
  • Self-Managed Condominiums
Online Unlimited Access Tools
  • A/P approval and payment
  • Bank activity, financial reports, detailed collections info
  • Owners and occupants with violations and ARC requests
  • Issue or review work order reports and notes
  • Web portal for owners with the ability to report and receive updates on R&M, review payments history, and make electronic payments
A La Carte Services
  • Inspections
  • Repairs, Maintenance, and Improvements
  • Covenant Enforcement (Violations)
  • Implement Fining Committee
  • Online Archictural Review and Processing