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All information required by persons or agencies with respect to a sale, finance or refinance of a property is available on-line and only through HomeWiseDocs. This pertains to questionnaires, estoppels, certification of account histories, association documents, budgets, etc.

Vanguard Management Group is pleased to announce its transition to, the next generation in document and data delivery for community associations. provides reliable, around-the-clock online access to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, escrow and title companies, real estate agents and homeowners from Vanguard's managed communities.

Log on to and select the link to register. The many system enhancements geared toward an improved user experience include:

  • Order Estoppel Letters by address or association name searches
  • Order Condominium or FHA Questionnaire
  • Association Documents
  • Share your order with up to four email addresses
  • Multiple payment methods offered
  • Hard copy delivery options available
  • Email and SMS text completion notices for users
  • Rush order requests
  • Track your orders online with order confirmation number

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Project Documents:

Following is a list of document options that we offer on the web site with a brief description of what we include in those options.

  • CC&Rs: We will post the recorded CC&Rs and any amendments to them in this document group.

  • Bylaws: The Bylaws of the association with any amendments are here.

  • Articles of Incorporation: The state approved Articles of Incorporation for the association is required here.

  • Financial Documents: Typically, management firms will store annual budgets, current year-end financials, reserve study summaries and a current monthly financial statement.

  • Rules and Regulations: A current copy of the board approved Rules and Regulations will be stored here. Additionally any special notices to HOA members may also be stored here.

  • Current Insurance: A copy of the project's blanket coverage declarations page and any fidelity bond coverage will be stored here.

  • Litigation Documents: Any litigation documentation is posted here.

  • Lease/Sub-Lease: Projects that are on leased land, we will post a copy of the lease and sub-lease to our site. Lenders must review the leases if the project is not fee simple ownership.

  • Conversion Documents: Projects that are conversions of apartments, commercial space or single-family homes into condominium developments. Engineering reports or condominium plans for project conversions can be stored in this section.

  • Reserve Reports: A full copy of the last reserve study completed. Those studies may be posted here.

  • Resale Disclosure Forms: Many management firms have developed project specific custom resale disclosure forms that need to be completed for unit purchases. These forms can be stored here for delivery in a PDF format for your users.

  • Governing Documents (Bundle Package): Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, CCR's or Condo Dec, Rules & Regs.
    Lender Bundle Package: Annual Financials, Budget, Association Governing Documents, Insurance Dec page, Questionnaire.

  • Questionnaire and Legal Review Bundle: Association Governing Documents, Budget, Insurance Dec page, Lender Questionnaire.

  • Seller Disclosure Bundle: Association Governing Documents, Budget, Insurance Dec page, Estoppel, FAQ's