Are Your Neighbors Happy About Your Yard?

Clean understated landscapingThe state of your yard does not just affect you and your guests, but also your neighbors. Keeping up with yard maintenance will keep the entire neighborhood looking good, as well as be less work in the long run. Here are some tips on how to be a better neighbor in your yard.

Control your weeds.

Not only are weeds unsightly in your yard, but the seeds can spread to your neighbor’s yard and cause issues for them. Keeping your weeds in check can help both you and your next door comrades.

Trim your trees.

Most cities have codes that specify that tree limbs be at least 11 feet above sidewalk. Lower than this and they can cause obstacles to pedestrians. Ensure that the branches do not touch buildings, especially rooftops. This can cause damage.

Keep your sidewalks clear.

The sidewalk in front of your property, as well as the easement (space between the sidewalk and street) is usually your responsibility. Keep it neat and free of debris at all times, for this part of your yard has more effect on your neighbors than any other.

Help out.

If you have a  leaf blower and your neighbor does not, take a few moments to clear their sidewalk, too. And heaven forbid don’t blow your leaves into their yard. Also if you are ordering mulch or some other large quantity of landscaping material, ask your block mates if they need some, too. This will encourage others to do work on their yards and you might be able to save money on a larger amount of material.

Know your limits

If your time and budget is limited for yard work, stick with landscaping that is easy for you to maintain.

Be cognizant of Holiday decor.Poorly themed Holiday decorations outside a large, nice home.

Just because you love the giant inflatable snow globe that you bought last year does not mean that your neighbors do. Pay attention to the style and taste level of your neighbors’ decorations and try to fit in with the homes around you.