How to Select a Sinkhole Repair Company

Once you have made it through the sinkhole claim process and your insurance company has approved your claim, the repair process starts.

This can raise many questions:

  •  How disruptive will this be to my life?
  •  Will my home retain it’s value after the repairs are done?
  •  How do I ensure that my family is safe during the process?
  •  How long will this take?
  •  What should I expect?


The sinkhole report mentioned in the last post will detail exactly where the ground is moving and how dangerous it is. Most sinkholes are not considered an immediate safety threat, although they need attention soon to maintain your property value.

It will be your responsibility to get bids from sinkhole repair companies, as well as cosmetic repair contractors. The sinkhole repair company must be a state licensed, certified geotechnical or structural engineer. Your insurance company may recommend some.


Questions to ask a sinkhole repair company

Are you licensed and insured?

This seems like a no-brainer, but unlicensed and uninsured contractors abound in Florida. It is important to check.

Is your company a member of the Better Business Bureau?

If they are, check their ratings and reviews.

Is your company a full member of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Repair Specialists (FAS3)?

The FAS3 provides engineers, geologists and contractors with up to date information about sinkholes, remediation processes, innovations and new equipment.

How many years of experience do you and your staff have in sinkhole repair?

Select a company whose primary experience is sinkhole repair. Many General Contractors with years of experience in general construction will take on sinkhole repair jobs when construction is slow. Work with someone who is focused on sinkhole remediation.

How up to date are your methods and tools?

You don’t have to understand how everything works. You do want to know how well the company has kept up with new advances in the sinkhole remediation process. Ask them what equipment advances they have made since they have been in business.

May I speak with some of your customers?

If the company is reputable, they should be able to give you some verified testimonials. You may be able to walk a job site with a foreman.

A sinkhole repair company will be in and around your home and your family for a few weeks, maybe even a month during the repair process. For this reason it is important to select one that you are comfortable with. After you have considered the “hard facts”, consider how the company representitives made you feel about the process. Were you given a hard sell or did they seem to want you to be an informed customer? Trust your gut.