5 Neighborly Things to Do When You Have a Party

Having a party in the street.In my neighborhood, we love to host parties. We have block parties three times a year, in addition to an array of planned and impromtu front porch gatherings and dinner parties.

We also have city yards, so our houses are close together. This can create stress in the neighborhood when one of us is the only one on the block that feels like being social. Here are 5 steps to hosting events in your household without causing friction in the ‘hood.

Give them a heads up.

For larger, planned events it is important to let your neighbors know ahead of time. Many of us are connected with neighbors through social media channels, but don’t neglect the ones that aren’t. A polite, in person knock on their door can mean the difference between an upset neighbor and one that peacefully co exists with your event.

Invite them.

If it is appropriate, invite your neighbors. Even if you think a particular person would not be interested in attending, if they know that they are welcome to join they will be less upset if they can hear your music after 11 PM.

Control the parking

Coming home to find that your driveway is blocked, or even worse, there is an unknown car in your dedicated parking spot is frustrating to anyone. Ensure that you give clear direction to your guests about parking, and again, let your neighbors know ahead of time if they might be affected.

Comply with noise ordinances.

Most communities have noise ordinances that require you to keep it quiet after a certain hour. Check into when that is, and either end your party or move it inside after that time.

Clean up promptly.

If your party is outdoors, make arrangements to tidy up your yard as soon as it is over, or first thing the next morning. Don’t let decorations or debris remain visible to your neighbors.